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OMVL designs and manufactures:

  • All the components are certified under the current UN/ISO and country regulations
  • High level of component standardisation 
  • Patented solutions
  • Ownership of the technological solutions and production process
  • Technology transfer capability
  • Zero defect program
  • Zero maintenance program

Evolution of OMVL Technology

1st generation – only for carburettor systems:

  • Composed by LPG electro-valve, reducer/vaporiser, mixer

2nd generation – for carburettor and injection systems:

  • Like the 1st generation systems, but with electronic control of adjustment (actuators: step motors) and communication with Lambda probe (combustion control)
  • Self adapting system, according to different kinds of LPG

3rd generation – only for injection systems:

  • Managed by electronic control systems, including exhaust control (OBD - On Board Diagnostics)