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OMVL is certified with a Quality System ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009.

This certificate, released by TUV Italy—which belongs to the German Group TUV Suddeutschland—is related to the entire process of designing, manufacturing and marketing of gas components and complete fuel supplying systems for gas-propelled vehicles. OMVL processes are defined, monitored and subjected to programs of constant improvements in order to reach high goals in efficiency and effectiveness which guarantee a continuous and increasing consumer satisfaction of our products. 

OMVL products are subjected to a process control for the entire manufacturing course. This starts with in-coming material control to final tests under pressure performed on the production as a whole, in accordance with the international and internal regulations to guarantee and maintain continually a high standard of quality and safety.

The LPG and CNG converting components are approved in line with the European Regulations R67 01 and R110. Moreover, the CNG converting components are approved in accordance with ISO 15500 Regulation.

OMVL converting systems for small, medium and high power engines are approved in line with the European standards - Euro V and VI - for emissions.