CNG Reducer / Regulator

DREAM XXI M CNG Reducer / Regulator

The pressure regulator reduces gas pressure from the tank. A solenoid valve shuts off the gas flow to the engine, when the engine is not operating.


  • Two stages + patented "pilot" system
  • Vacuum compensated
  • Integrated shut-off solenoid valves
  • Integrated filter
  • Integrated temperature sensor ( optional )
  • High efficiency heat exchanger, for proper gas expansion
  • 2.0 bar nominal pressure output

Technical Specifications

Max. working pressure 260 bar
Weight 1580 g
Overall dimension 242 x 146,4 x 129
Max. gas flow rate 50 Kg/h
Output setting pressure 2.0 bar (relative pressure)
Operating temperature -40 °C » 120°C
Approvals 110R class 2, class 0, ISO 15500 and R10